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The Sadness of My Blue-pearl Eyes

My eyes tell the world I am always sad. I am a deeper thinker than anyone knows. I am always look at every thing in a depressing manner and no matter what my eyes will never smile. I  am always thinking about something other than what everyone is saying and thinking. I  usually say little or nothing at all. I am usually found in my room, writing depressing poems and books or my nose is in a book, trying to escape in fantasy world, another world where I am welcomed as a character.  My feelings are the words I write on the blank pages and the little scribbles with my broken pencil. I keep thinking, "I didn't break this time." Then ask, "Will I break the next time?"  
I shrug at the depressing thought in my head. I blink hard to erase my thoughts of death. But I can't. When I am alone in bed at night, no one is there to stop my thoughts from swarming in my head. I am powerless to stop them; unable to think of something else.

"Why?" I ask myself repeatedly for the answers to my thoughts. Silence. Nothing. Darkness. I sigh alone in my head as darkness fills it. I am alone in the darkness. I am falling in the world. I don't know where to though. I am too afraid to ask for help and when I do, will it be too late for me?  Only the future can tell. I hope its good.
Writing: Me
(c) Me

i wrote this in 9th grade for an English assignment of four parts. This is the 2nd one. I'm only uploading two, though maybe a third. I'm still thinking about it.
TheWinterCold Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
when you were in 9th grade!? :S:S
that's kind of insane
cedarlynmcgee Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
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October 27, 2009
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